Battle for the Belts

Battle for the Belts

Battle for the Belts is a dance event for all ages to celebrate street dances to its fullest and rawest form.

Battle for the Belts was inspired by street dance history. For too long, street dances were influenced by Hollywood. In the capitalistic culture we are all conditioned and feed ourselves everyday with, junk has made us blind about the realities and meanings of raw freestyle dances.

Brother and Neva conceived Battle for the Belts in May 2006 to provide a venue for our underground street dancers to showcase their talent, preserve the tradition of the cipher and bring the community a unique event that encourages the new generation of street dances and providing an opportunity to honor the pioneers.

The Battle for the Belts has been hosted by Brother, Neva, Carey from the Carnival, Dave Scott, Toni Basil, Flo Master, Peppa, Frankie D, Seymour, Zulu Gremlin, and Pocalika (Cotton Mouth Kings).

Battles of nine categories of dances (Hip Hop, Lockin, Poppin, Bboying, Bgirling, House, Krumpin, Old Skool, Wacking) to celebrate the pioneers, and represent the new generation. Brother and Dj Stitches conceived the belt with a concept in mind; to make hand-made belts to look like Heavyweight Boxing belts. (see photos)

This is a second-generation event to educate people on the last twenty years of Hip Hop dances and to learn more about the dance culture we have all experienced in one way or another. This event is catered to all people not only dancers since we are targeting the community and want to promote creativity within freestyle dances.

BFB: DVD available upon request (contact me via email)