Passing Time: Rhythms, Roots and Reality

Passing Time: Rhythms, Roots and Reality



Linking America through Cultural Exchange and Sustainability (LACES) is a non-profit corporation dedicated to promoting inter-cultural communication and socially responsibility practices through the artistic media of dance, music, film, visual arts, and the spoken word. We create opportunities for understanding cultural differences and similarities, and for promoting socially responsible practices that suit the cultural and economic realities of the local community. The positive communications attributes of the arts provide a broad framework for establishing relationships, and better enables LACES to design, implement, support, and promote socially responsible projects to meet immediate local needs.

About Passing Time: Rhythms, Roots and Reality in Liberia

Passing Time is a documentary film about conditions and emerging social needs in Liberia, seen through the experiences of a group of Hip Hop dancers from America during a workshop and performance program with Liberia’s Crusaders for Peace dance troupe. The film was shot in Philadelphia, PA and Monrovia, Liberia and was produced by LACES as part of its Liberian-American cultural exchange program in June 2008. The documentary bears witness to the power of artists to engage people from different cultural backgrounds, and, in the context of the cultural exchange program, explores many of the challenges of meeting basic societal needs in Liberia, a post-conflict country struggling toward democracy. Videographer, choreographer and performer Vanessa “Neva” Verdoodt captures the vibrant and inspiring collaboration of hip hop and West African dancers, set against the reality of social challenges in Liberia. Ms. Verdoodt’s skilled cinematography captures the uplifting power of music and dance, and reveals Liberia as beautiful, though blighted by war; struggling, yet joyful; challenged, yet giving rise to hope for a better future.

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