High School:


World Dance and Global Consciousness


Everyday in Brooklyn, stereotypes and misinterpretations are experienced, which create lots of pressure and conflicts among teenagers. In this dance curriculum, students will study seven movement/dance form from several areas of the world: Yoga, Middle Eastern dances, Dances of Guinea and Senegal (West Africa), Breakdance,  Modern, Old School Hip Hop and New school Hip Hop, to not only improve dance skills but learn about cultures, languages, anatomy and history. By reviewing seven areas of the world, I will raise global consciousness to the youth and help them understand their identity as well as their peers in a safe environment. At the end of the course, this literacy will allow them to express themselves in new creative ways. At the end of the session, students will have a performance showcasing what they have learned during the session.

Core concept:

Understanding the historical contributions and cultural dimensions of dance and incorporate World History, anatomy and geography in the concept of the class. This lesson presents different dances and looks at how they are interconnected.


Piel Canela Dancers

Live’N’Direct House Dance workshop with Neva

Dance @ Santa Monica High School

Teaching Reel coming soon (this summer)